change your thinking

Here are 10 ways to change your thinking because at refresh YOU, we don’t just recommend refreshing your body, we want to refresh your mind so here  – with the

Exercise as medicine

Exercise as medicine

Exercise as medicine, for Covid we need a vaccine. What about 21st Century chronic diseases? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a vaccine. Imagine the difference that would make

inspirational story

There’s nothing like an inspirational story to keep you active. And if you’ve ever wondered whether that extra push up was worth it, the tale of Centenarian Ruth Frith should

top tips lockdown survival

Who would have thought that from 2020, we would need 9 top tips to survive lockdown?  And the words covid-19, coronavirus, isolation, and vaccination would be a regular part of

vegetarian recipe

A vegetarian recipe perfect for winter! Nutrient dense and full of fibre to help keep you full and satisfied during the cooler months. If you think vegetables are boring, you

benefits of purple foods

Why does everyone keep telling us to eat our greens? But have you heard about the benefits of purple foods. Purple foods contain a flavonoid called anthocyanin which has excited