health fitness goals

7 great tips for health fitness goals setting. Want to lose weight get fit in 2022? You’re not alone! How to create realistic – and achievable – New Year goals

fit and healthy

7 EASY WAYS TO HELP YOU NAVIGATE THE PARTY SEASON Most of us find it difficult to stick to a dedicated fitness routine once the holiday and party season comes

healthy eating

Instead of focusing on what you eat – a new healthy eating routine is focused on when you eat!  Here’s the low down on time restricted eating… Many of us

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Meadowbank refresh YOU member Lynda Calder explains why she believes outdoor group fitness will enable her to stay active whatever life throws at her! “On my own but I wasn’t

change your thinking

Here are 10 ways to change your thinking because at refresh YOU, we don’t just recommend refreshing your body, we want to refresh your mind so here  – with the

Exercise as medicine

Exercise as medicine

Exercise as medicine, for Covid we need a vaccine. What about 21st Century chronic diseases? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a vaccine. Imagine the difference that would make