Alcohol and 10 great healthier festive season tips

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Alcohol and 10 great healthier festive season tips, the facts, and helpful, healthy tips. The party season is fast approaching or might have already arrived for some. The time when we briefly forget all the hard work we have completed at classes and we overindulge. Alcohol consumption is perhaps a habit we overlook when we are trying to stay healthy or lose weight. Here are the facts.


 1. Like caffeine, it is a diuretic and psychoactive drug with addictive properties. You’ll find research pointing to both health benefits & risks of consuming alcohol. Some of these studies conducted are “observational” only and cannot prove causation. Some research papers will tell you that red wine is better for heart health. Others suggest beverage choice appears to have little benefit for cardiovascular health.
 2. It is calorie-dense, nutrient-poor and inhibits the absorption of vital water-soluble B vitamins when consumed in large amounts.
 3. It causes you to lose water faster than you otherwise would, resulting in dehydration.
 4. Excessive consumption affects virtually every organ, both directly and indirectly. Even moderate drinking may lead consequences such as stress, weight gain, blood glucose dysregulation, lowered immunity, thyroid problems, fertility issues, mood disorders, bone disorders and even cancers.

 The Guidelines

  • Adults should consume no more than 10 standard drinks per week.
  • No more than 4 standard drinks per day
  • No alcohol is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
It is possible to enjoy alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle, just like in the Mediterranean diet. Although it may be more about what the Mediterranean’s eat with their alcohol which gives the best chance of a healthy, long life.
Managing the combination of food and alcohol consumption is how you stay healthy. Here are 10 great tips for the Festive season.


1. Be the designated driver if you want to cut the calorific effect of drinking too much alcohol. It might be worth doing this if all you want to do is give your liver a break
2. Grab an empty bottle of beer and then drink water from it. If you aren’t drinking a beer, then a wine glass with water in it might suffice. It will reduce the social pressure to drink more.
3. Most supermarkets have an aisle of no-alcohol drinks, G&T, cocktail mixes and beers, so much to chose from now.
4. Keep moving and try not to hover around the food plates or snacks at a party.
5. Talk lots, if you are talking then you are less likely to be eating.
6. Make sure that you eat something before you go out. Having some protein such as eggs, nuts or yoghurt will supress your appetite.
7. Get out and do something active before you attend a party or function and whilst you are on holiday. You won’t burn off all the extra calories you consume. But you will be helping minimise the excess.
8. Slow down, savour, and be mindful. Think a little about what you are consuming.
9. A glass of water between alcoholic drinks may help with hydration. Although it might not help the liver metabolise the alcohol any faster.
10. Stay away from the snack foods before the main Christmas meal. Most of these are highly processed and combined with alcohol not a great combination. It can make a significant difference.
Remember we aren’t saying don’t drink, eat and be merry, we are just saying let knowledge guide your Christmas habits towards a healthier outcome.
Healthy habits aren’t just important during the festive season. They are important to maintain for a healthy life style. Find out more about how we incorporate healthy habits into your exercise program by contacting your local venue here.