How to make New Years goals a lifestyle change

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Make New Years goals a lifestyle change in 2023. If you want to lose weight and get fit you’re not alone! Check out our guide for creating realistic – and achievable – New Years goals a lifestyle change. 

Most of us make New Year resolutions – according to a study by comparison site, Finder. At the start of 2021 – 83 per cent of Aussies surveyed said they’d made New Year resolutions.
And the majority (51 per cent) want to either lose weight or get fit.
Were you one of those this year? Resolutions can be difficult to maintain and you could end up giving up before you reach the end of the month! If you have found you are already struggling here is our guide to resetting your new years goals.
Before you start writing an impossible list of new years goals – make sure you are realistic. Set achievable resolutions so you are not setting yourself up for failure, here is how.

# 1 Take a look at your lifestyle

RefreshYOU Pymble Head trainer, Richard Hallett explains it is important to look at your lifestyle. “If you are already very busy, perhaps a full-time job, and children. Adding exercise classes without planning how you’ll fit them in, is not necessarily the best approach. Instead you could become easily overwhelmed and end up quitting entirely.”
He advises taking a look at what you could stop doing – and replace that time with exercise. He says that all the RefreshYOU trainers are happy to have individual chats with clients to assess goals and help you work towards them. We favour a lifestyle change that lasts for a life time, rather than New Year’s resolutions kept for a few weeks.
To create and maintain a healthy fitness regime, you’ll need to attend more than one weekly session. But rather than set a specific number of training sessions, just try to do it as often as you can. That’s why the team at RefreshYOU offer lots of classes at different times – so they can fit in with your lifestyle.

# 2 Setting a challenge

If you are deadline driven or like a challenge, you might find it helps to find an event which you can train for. Perhaps a fun run or charity walk (such as Coastrek). This can focus your attention on working towards a goal, which helps you stay motivated.

# 3 Find a buddy!

Another way to stay on track is to team up with a friend or partner. Find someone with a similar lifestyle and goals and agree to keep each other motivated. This is another reason it’s great to train with a group of like-minded people – such as the RefreshYOU members. Everyone supports one another, the social connection makes it far more enjoyable and fun.

# 4 Set small targets

Turn your goal into manageable steps. Each small goal leads you towards achieving the bigger goal. This is simply focussing on the process rather than the outcome.
Richard says: “One of the best things you can do is maintain your attendance at the exercise classes.”
He adds that if your goal is weight loss, this is long term and a lifestyle change. It should last longer than an eight-week challenge.

#5 Reward yourself

Congratulate yourself when you do attend training classes or meet milestones. This could be by booking yourself a massage or taking some me-time (no jobs or chores allowed!).
To help keep clients motivated, RefreshYOU has The Commitment Club. Members are awarded points for attending classes. Continued attendance is recognised when you reach a certain amount of points.

#6 Write your goals down

You may like to write your goals (try not to make more than five!) and put them on your fridge where you will see them and feel inspired!
Get your family on board to help encourage and motivate you.

#7 Your health prescription

As well as having your weight loss or fitness goal, it’s important to make sure you are following other healthy habits in your life. Take time out to relax – this could be through meditation, or a long walk in nature whatever helps you de-stress. Connect with family and friends – either online or, if you are able to, face-to-face.
Eat a balanced diet which includes a variety of colour vegatable ( (check out our blog on 5 veg 2 Fruit serves). Stay hydrated, cut out or cut back on alcohol (Drink Water blog) . Get enough sleep! Yes another great blog here (Sleep blog).
The final piece of the jigsaw is to get some help and guidance. All the refresh YOU trainers are happy to talk through goals and the step required to achieve them. Contact your local trainer here, Your local refreshYOU trainer