7 ways to stay healthy and fit through the party season

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Most of us find it difficult to stick to a dedicated fitness routine once the holiday and party season comes around. So here are our top 7 tips to stay motivated for exercise and cut down on the party food!

Swapping your circuit training for a celebration is tempting, but with some good planning and smart tips you can still stay fit and have fun. 

#1 – Be careful of the Christmas canapes!

Annandale Head Trainer, Avril advises eating before you head out. That way you know what you’re eating and you’ll be less tempted to pile up your plate with fattening finger food. Plan ahead and have some nutritional meals pre-prepared. And if you are tempted while you’re out, opt for plant-based hors d’oeuvres and avoid anything fried.

#2 – Don’t be afraid to say no. 

Be selective with your invites and avoid back-to-back parties! You don’t have to accept every invite you receive – sometimes it’s better to say no than to try to fit too much into your schedule. You’ll find heaps of studies and articles online that describe how we too often find it hard to say no to things, because we want to please other people. Learn to hesitate before you accept and consider if you really need or want to attend that event… and if you’re not sure, then say no. And ideally have at least a day either side of an event for recovery and rest!

#3 Stay hydrated. 

Remember to sip water regularly through your day and when you go to parties, if you are planning to have the odd cocktail make sure you are still keeping up your water intake. Make your glass of water a bit more appealing by adding a slice of lemon, lime or a few mint leaves.

If you do drink alcohol, then set yourself a weekly limit – giving yourself regular alcohol-free days, so you give your body a rest and time to recover.

#4 – Keep up your fitness routine! 

You can miss some sessions when you need to, but make sure you still maintain your regime. If you do stop going then you’ll find your energy levels and willpower are likely to plummet – and you’ll find it much harder to get back into a routine come the New Year! So continue with the classes and you’ll find you feel fitter, healthier and more energised throughout the party season. Get in touch with RefreshYOU to find out what’s available in your area during the holiday season.

#5 – Be kind to yourself. 

Don’t expect to keep up with your usual schedule if you are juggling parties and events – there will be some mornings you might need to skip a session. If that’s the case, don’t get cranky with yourself – just rest up and then return the next day. It’s about finding a balance where you stay fit but don’t get fixated!

#6 – Have a digital detox!

We’ve almost always got a device of some kind within an arm’s length – so switch off while you work out.

According to Jean Hailes for Women’s Health – 84 per cent of Australians have smart phones and we check them on average 30 times a day (or more!).

Christmas and New Year are times when most of us have an enforced work break, so be brutal – turn off that iphone and silence notifications. You could also head out to the park for a workout or a walk – and try to make this one of your New Year’s goals, giving yourself time off from being switched on!

#7 Give a healthy gift 

Why not treat your friends and family to a workout class or package (check out the options with RefreshYOU!). Often material gifts end up being regifted or sent to charity shops. And a study by the University of Toronto found that when it comes to gifts, experiences are better than material items. This is because it can create a stronger bond than if you are giving something bought from a shop or online.

And even better is if you do the experience together – so maybe sign up to that membership package with a friend and be each other’s workout buddies!