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Meadowbank refresh YOU member Lynda Calder explains why she believes outdoor group fitness will enable her to stay active whatever life throws at her!

“On my own but I wasn’t doing well”

I’d always played sport but was never much of a runner until a friend who did lots of crazy runs persuaded me to join her. When we entered the 4 km Mothers Day Classic and she ended up, literally, dragging me over the finish line, I thought: ‘I need to do some training.’

I began on my own but I wasn’t doing well and then I drove past the park one day and saw refresh You trainer Ing Ong there.

Group Fitness “That looks nice, training in the park.”

I thought: ‘That looks nice, training in the park.’ It was 2014 and I’ve been training with her ever since. I tell my husband I’m investing in my old age

My crazy friend doesn’t run any more but I’ve gone on to complete lots of runs, including a marathon. That was particularly remarkable as two years earlier, in 2017, I ripped my Achilles tendon and it had to be reattached.

“For my mental health I need to be with everyone”

As I waited for it to heal, I really missed the camaraderie of refresh YOU so I told Ing: ‘I’m coming back as soon as possible. For my mental health I need to be with everyone.’

Ing modified everything and, even though sometimes I’d just be exercising on the spot while the rest of the group ran past me, she’d get them to give me a high five to keep me going.

I maintained my fitness so well I was able to run the Blackmores 12 km the following year and the marathon the year after that. Several other members of the group did the half marathon but they stayed on to cheer me over the finish line and Ing ran the final 200 m with me even though she’d run the half marathon herself.

That’s the sort of person she is. She’s not like those trainers who train you for an event, then wave you off, saying: ‘Have fun.’ Our group enters lots of events together and she does them with us.

In class, too, she encourages everyone the whole time or walks around correcting their technique. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. We’ve got people who can pump massive weights and others who are complete beginners. Ing caters for everyone and there’s no competition. It’s everyone encouraging one another. It’s really nice.

I’m currently battling a cracked meniscus in my knee after a fall on a trail run but Ing is modifying my training again so I still feel strong and fit and am doing four classes a week – a mix of strength boxing, HIIT, cardio, and fitball.

In fact ,I feel so good, I’m planning to do the 30 km Coastal Trek from Long Reef to Mosman with three others from the group.

“I love being outside in the fresh air”

I have tried other forms of training. When I was injured, I went to a gym to use the treadmill and swam in the pool but I couldn’t stand the smell! I love being outside in the fresh air.

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